... and there, beyond the rolling hills of sunflowers and cotton ...

The wedding of Jessica & Harry was held at the one and only Hacienda De San Rafael, Seville.

Filmed using Kodak 50D + 200T film stock, the opening sound was recorded at the Hacienda using my trusty pocket audio recorder.

'Oh mark - it's so so lovely. Perfect, in fact. You captured everything about the day - love, happiness and most of all THE FUN! I cannot stop watching it (and I can't stop crying whilst watching it).  It's so graceful and elegant, we both feel like film stars.  I really do want you to follow me around everywhere now;  I want to live and see life through your lens. There are so many shots where we just had no idea you were even there! Stealthy moves Mr Brown, stealthy moves. The music is incredible - I was wondering how on earth you chose the tracks and where you start...I need wonder no more, you are simply a genius. WE LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  So so much love.' -Jessica

Song used 'Follow Me' by The Innocence Mission

Jessica's dress 'The Sofia' by The Reformation