Wedding film Bordeaux, France


Sarah & George, it’s been over a month now since we last saw each other. How time flies.

In the midst of everything it is hard to take it all in, and only now am I appreciating your day. I think a lot about the road, the B&B you put me up in, run by that beautiful French family, Lana, and her young adopted son, who would practice his English with me whilst I ate breakfast in their country garden. 

It’s funny, these memories that I collect from weddings, of not just the day, but the days and travels surrounding them, and how they fill me with happiness. It’s all amounting to something, I just know it, a film, a book. I used to look at weddings as a means to eat and clothe myself, whilst in pursuit of other artistic adventures, but somehow it’s grown from there, my life has become the adventure, and now anything is possible. 

I have incredible people like you to thank for that, for helping me along.

Your friend,


"Our video is simply perfect, and something that we will treasure for ever. Super 8 is such a cool medium in itself, but Mark truly brings out the best in it. We feel extremely lucky to have been able to work with Mark. Not only do we appreciate him creatively, but he was also a joyful addition to the weekend." -Sarah

Song used 'this is life' by Josh Bray